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About us

  • Our Story

    It was that moment when we came across people who were desperate and longing for the taste and aroma of their home cooked food, when they were far away from their homes. We saw a problem that people were facing and found a solution in the form of dehydrated food and food powders. How, by using this technique the shelf life of the food can tremendously be increased is just phenomenal and that too without messing with the taste and nutrients of the food. Just imagine being able to have your favorite rajma rice sitting in your hotel room or your hostel in USA, when you are fed up eating outside daily or you are looking for Jain food in abroad. At that moment, the joy of having those rajma rice will just be priceless and to provide that luxury to each and every one, Dryfii was incorporated.

  • Our Aim

    We, at Dryfii, aim of: Serving delicious and long lasting food powders and ready to cook meals while clinging to rigid quality practices. Making mouth-watering meals be available to travelers on the go. Providing access to home-like cooked food (Jain food too) to the students studying abroad, businessmen on a tour, and similarly to all those people who are away from their home. Alleviating our customers from the misery of those burning eyes while chopping onions and the frequent cuts they suffer while cutting and peeling the veggies and fruits. Working constantly and investing our energy towards healthy food, life, and environment.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to bring revolution to the way people cook and empower them by bringing technology into play.

  • Our mission

    Are you tired of doing the onerous task of cutting and chopping the veggies everyday? Are you in a hurry or feelin too lazy to cook or you do not know how to cook at all? The worry not, Dryfii is here to your rescue! Our mission is to giv you the sense of same home cooked food, with minimal efforts and maximum joy.